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Main Sessions oral presentations

Guidelines for authors selected to present a paper in RIF sessions

Organisation of sessions

Each Session will be run according to the published programme.

Typically, a session is run as follows:

  • Block 1: 09:00hrs – 10:30hrs
  • Block 2: 11:00hrs – 12:30hrs
  • Block 3: 14:30hrs – 16:00hrs
  • Block 4: 16:30hrs – 18:00hrs

The papers of each session are divided in blocks, each addressing a specific scope. The identification of the blocks and of the papers belonging to each block is to be found in the special reports (available on from 9 August 2021). The order of presentations will be given in the special reports as well.

10 minutes is allocated to each author for his/her pre-recording of the presentation, please make sure that you do not exceed the time limit as we will have to refuse the recording.

Pre-recorded presentation

The Main Sessions will consist of the pre-recorded presentations and live discussions. The live discussions will either take place straight after each presentation or at the end of all presentations, the session chair will decide how they would like to run the sessions.

The pre-recording of your presentation is to be prepared and delivered to the Organising Committee via an upload portal on the CIRED website, further instructions on uploading your content is below.

It is mandatory that all delegates submit their presentation recording by Monday 23 August at the latest. We recommend using Zoom as the application exports the video at the desired specifications.

If you wish to use a different application, please make sure the video is in the following specification:

File Type






Frame rate


Max file size


The PowerPoint template is downloadable from the website under Guidelines and Templates. Authors are requested to use this template in order to avoid any compatibility problems.

For further information about these guidelines, please contact:

Uploading your pre-recorded presentation

ImportantMake sure the file names of all documents being uploaded begin with your paper number. If you are unsure of your paper number, please contact

  • You will have been emailed a link to the CIRED website containing the upload portal for CIRED 2021 – please note that this email will also contain a password. You will need this to access the portal.
  • Visit the upload portal and enter the password
  • Follow the step by step instructions highlighted on the form. Throughout the form you will be asked a number of questions and for the following items so please ensure that you have them to hand (we advise saving all files to a folder on your desktop for easy access):
    • Submission ID (this will be the unique number associated with your paper)
    • Photo of presenter (400 x 400px as jpg or jpeg)
    • Bio of presenter
    • Your video (must be in MP4 format and no larger than 100MB)
    • Your slides (must be in .ppt or .pptx format)
    • Your poster (if applicable)
    • Your additional poster assets (if applicable)
  • Complete your upload by clicking the 'Send Files' button at the bottom of the form (please note, that if all required fields are not completed then this button will not be available to you. You must complete all required fields prior to submitting)
  • Once submitted you will receive a thank you message at the top of the screen. This confirms that we have received your files effectively.

Upload your presentation