You are invited to contribute to a CIRED workshop with the important topic of Flexibility!

Flexibility is a critical part of the energy transformation to support a more sustainable society including more renewable resources, more efficient energy use and increased utilisation of assets; and at the same time secure a robust system.

Peter SoderstromFor the network companies, it will require significantly evolved processes, methods and technologies in all business areas. Paper contributions in all these areas from academia, industry, utility and regulators are important to bring light and guidance for a successful transformation.

Welcome to Berlin to continue the discussion in the CIRED community and with your peers!

Peter Söderström, Head of Digital Hub, Vattenfall
CIRED 2020 Workshop Chair

Welcome receptionThe team arrived in a steamy, hot Madrid during the aftermath of the Champions League football final.  Locals assumed we had been there for the match, but no, we were there for something much more entertaining – CIRED 2019 was hitting the Spanish Capital!

We were proud to be hosting a stand in the exhibition where we were announcing that Geneva is to be the host city for CIRED 2021 and Berlin for the 2020 workshop. Zuzana and Ash were also conference delegates and were on-hand to visit the interactive poster sessions and conference sessions and network with the record number of attendees from across the globe.

The Palexpo venue in Geneva has sustainability very much at its heart and this will be a major feature of the conference where we will look to drastically cut the use of plastic and paper throughout. 

The team arrived complete with "Cowduck", a hybrid memento from Geneva who was trying to make her way home from Glasgow (scene of the last conference), via Madrid.  "Cowduck" was also suffering an identity crisis and it would be up to delegates to come up with a name for her.

More of that later but before that the team needed to drum up some energy for the event so a little R&R by the hotel pool was required – and "Cowduck" needed to cool down in the sweltering temperature after her travels. The team treated her (and themselves) to a little swim in the hotel pool – where we had to save her from being kidnapped by one of the hotel's younger guests!

It was then time to hit the town for an evening meal and venture into Madrid. A colleague had recommended a tapas bar and we eagerly gave the address to the Spanish Taxi Drivers – too many of us to fit in one car, both taxi drivers took completely different routes and Ash, Veronica and Kevin ended up somewhere completely different. Zuzana and Rebecca arrived well before the others only to find to their horror that the restaurant was full – no worries – the kind Senor at the restaurant directed us to another one supposedly around the corner which the girls eventually found – much fun ensued over WhatsApp to direct the others to us, to ensure that they weren't stranded somewhere in the middle of Madrid.  Eventually we were all seated and enjoyed cheese and Jamon platters, followed by a delicious paella – Kevin managed to polish off what the rest of us couldn't eat – a theme that continued throughout the week.

CakeFinally, we were ready for the conference to begin.  Delegates flocked to the stand all eager to hear about Geneva and Berlin and were genuinely intrigued with "Cowduck", many of them entering a competition to crack the safe and free her in order to win prizes! (We promise that no "Cowducks" were injured or treated badly during this process).  Delegates were also creative in suggesting possible names for her.

That evening fabulous and dramatic drummers led delegates into the exhibition for its official opening. Here more Jamon and cheese were served and Kev duly obliged!

On the Tuesday night we hosted a drinks reception at a local golf club for the Swiss delegates – the venue was a little awkward to find but Ash, Kevin and Zuzana were on hand to direct people – although Ash was worried about possible sunstroke he did survive and a lively evening was had, with some very enthusiastic guests – all determined to make Geneva a fabulous host city. Yes, more delicious Jamon and cheese were served – a theme for the week seemed to be emerging here.

CIRED standThe conference was now in full swing and networking was apace. Veronica was doing a fabulous job booking exhibition space for Geneva and getting feedback from all the exhibitors. Our feet were beginning to fail us and our step counters were going into overdrive – but we strove on and even made it to the conference dinner that evening, where we were entertained by flamenco dancers!

The final day arrived, yet enthusiasm for Geneva was still rife, with Veronica reserving yet more space for the exhibition. The team need sustenance and for one moment there was a feeling of pure joy when Kev announced that Burger King was open – orders from the team for Whoppers and milkshakes ensued – only to find out that it was in fact closed and Kev and Ash were in danger of being killed by an angry woman in the restaurant who took objection to their presence.– it was oh so disappointing, particularly when we had to make do with (yes, you've got it), ham and cheese sandwiches!

Finally, it was time for us to return to a cold and drizzly UK – Oh for that Spanish sunshine again!  Madrid had been exhausting yet fun too – and last but not least we found a name for "Cowduck" – I'm pleased to introduce ……………….Electrina! Be sure to watch out for her exciting adventures on the way to Geneva.

What is CIRED?

CIRED is the International Conference on Electricity Distribution. Its acronym is French – Congrès International des Réseaux Electriques de Distribution. CIRED was founded in 1971 and is now co-owned by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) and the Association des Ingénieurs de Montefiore (AIM).

Nowadays, CIRED is one of the most important meeting points for electricity distribution experts, with 1500 people attending the conference.

The CIRED conference runs every two years, with a CIRED Workshop on a more specific topic within transmission and distribution taking place in alternate years.

CIRED covers:

  • The whole field of Electricity Distribution Systems and associated services, including dispersed and embedded generation issues
  • The technical aspects of Electricity Supply
  • Related aspects such as cost reduction, environment, regulation, organisation and related IT systems
  • Current and future innovations shaping the electricity distribution industry

Who attends CIRED?

You'll meet over 1500 of the key names in electricity distribution. CIRED brings together experts  from the utility, product, consultancy, service, business and academic sectors.

Engineers at every level, including CEOs, Network Development Managers, Chief Innovation Officers, Lead Engineers, R&D Managers, Project Managers, Business Development Managers, researchers and students can be found at CIRED, all learning about the next big ideas shaping the industry.

Why should I submit a paper to CIRED?

Quite simply, it's your chance to showcase your latest research, results and innovations in electricity distribution to a large number of engineers and business leaders from the transmission and distribution field. Selection for CIRED also comes with extensive opportunities for publication, which currently include IET Inspec, IEEE Xplore, Ei Compendex and a CIRED Open Access Journal.

Presenting your work at CIRED is an excellent opportunity for all electricity distribution specialists to bring your name in front of a wide, international audience.

What can I expect at the CIRED conference?

Over 4 days, you have the chance to hear from over 800 authors from 50+ countries, all presenting new research, results, applications and ideas in electricity distribution.

The Opening Forum showcases high-level speakers presenting on pivotal issues within the industry.

Technical sessions offer international perspectives around key topics shaping the field.

Round table sessions focus on particularly topical subjects, with the opportunity to listen to experts and participate in discussions.

Guided tours are offered for the poster sessions, giving you ample opportunity to meet the authors and discuss their work in a one-to-one or small group setting.

As well as all this, there's a Welcome Reception following the Opening Forum, where you can get to know your fellow attendees, and a conference dinner, held at a prominent venue within the host city.

What's new in Electricity Distribution?

CIRED covers new research, developments and innovations across electricity distribution, making it the ideal place to find out the breakthrough ideas and emerging topics in the field.

Networking at CIRED

As well as gaining huge amounts of new knowledge for your business, CIRED is a place to make contacts. All attendees are invited to attend the Welcome Reception, held in the exhibition area on the first day of the conference.

The conference dinner is your opportunity to visit an interesting venue within the host city and can be an excellent opportunity to make new contacts within electricity distribution. You can book tickets for the conference dinner when you register.

Exhibiting at CIRED

The exhibition is an important part of the CIRED experience, with over 60 organisations showcasing their latest products and services. Past exhibitors include 3M, ABB, Dutch Power, EA Technology, Enexis, GE, High Voltage Inc., IPS GmbH, Locamation, Megger, Omicron Electronics, Opal-RT Europe, Ormazabal, RTDS, Schneider Electric and Siemens.

Over 1,800 people visit the CIRED exhibition, making it the ideal place to connect your business with the heart of the industry.



















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