Opening forum


Introductions and welcome

Chair: Lukas Kung, Chairman of the CIRED 2021 Organising Committee



Emmanuel De Jeager, Chairman of CIRED

15:15 Antonio Hodgers, Council of State, Department of Planning, Housing and Energy (DALE), State of Geneva
15:35 State Grid of China

Climate Change and Electric Power System Resiliency

Shay Bahramirad, Vice President of Climate and Resilience, Quanta Technology, USA

16:15 Panel discussion and questions – Climate Change

How CIRED 2021 will work

Chair: Lukas Kung, Chairman of the CIRED 2021 Organising Committee

Speaker biographies

Shay Bahramirad

Shay Bahramirad is the Vice President of Climate and Resilience at Quanta Technology. She is responsible for assisting cities and utilities with climate change risk assessments for their assets, operations, and services and for developing mitigation strategies and investment strategies for adapting to climate change. Her work powers the planet by reducing carbon emissions, creating cleaner air for everyone, and making communities resilient. 

Dr. Bahramirad has held several positions in the Energy Sector, including Vice President of Engineering and Smart Grid at ComEd; the electric utility in IL, USA serving 4M customers. In these roles, she has overseen and/or executed “grid of the future” visions, technical roadmaps, analytical frameworks, and investment strategies.

She has also been responsible for system reliability, DER integration, grid strategy and analytics, standards, emerging technologies, STEM programming, and reimagining the power grid to mitigate and adapt to climate change. She has also developed talent strategies, industry engagement plans, and advocacy programs to support business objectives.

Dr. Bahramirad is an editorial board member of the Electricity Journal, an adjunct professor at the Illinois Institute of Technology, Executive member of US CIGRE, and the IEEE/PES Vice President of New Initiatives and Outreach, overseeing the organisation’s engagement with policymakers globally and developing strategies for the next generation of frameworks including smart cities.